Polishcraft’s metal polishing

Polishcraft initially began as a polish only service in 1983 giving us plenty of time to perfect our technique over the years.

For those that are unaware of what metal polishing entails; it is simply the name given to plated and solid items that have been cleaned and stored to achieve a shiny and smooth surface.

The metals that can have polishing include:

– Aluminium
– Chrome
– Copper
– Gold
– Nickel
– Silver

Polishing can be done through a variety of tools which include buffers & polishers, acids, solvents and more.

Types of metal polish

– Aluminium and stainless steel will oxidise on the surface acting as a protector from corrosion – we proceed to remove the oxidisation and smooth it down to achieve a shiny finish much like chrome.

– Metal polishing for chrome is slightly different as it isn’t polished but cleaned. Because chrome doesn’t oxidise as much as other metals, it is unnecessary to polish.

– If metals are pitted or scratched, it is best to smooth the metal prior polishing. To smooth a metal, use wet dry paper or wet sand.

– The metal polishing will finish with buffing which is done by a rotating wheel that will hold a buffing compound that could potentially contain a mixture of wax and/or fine abrasives.

Our metal polishing in Birmingham offers a joint service of polishing and hard chrome plating as well as just polishing.

Please visit the website for further information about our metal polishing service and hard chrome plating service.