Advantages of chromium plating

Chromium plating, otherwise know as chrome plating, uses the technique of electroplating a fairly thin layer of chromium onto a plastic or metal surface.

An example of chrome plating
An example of chrome plating

It is possible for the layer to be for purely decorative purposes, as well as it being able to provide resistance against corrosion, make cleaning efforts simpler, even to make a surface resilient. There are a variety of imitations of chrome that are inexpensive used solely for aesthetic purposes.

There a number of advantages that present themselves with chromium plating:

  • Great surface finish
  • Rare to little rusting
  • Aesthetics

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What is hard chrome plating?

Hard chrome plating is the term given to the electroplating process where chromium is distributed from a chromic acid solution.

Hard Chrome PlatingThere are a variety of types of hard chrome which include porous chromium, micro-porous chromium, crack free chromium and micro-cracked chromium.

The micro-cracked coatings and porous coatings must acquire a minimum thickness between 80 and 120┬Ám in order for them to confer adequate corrosion resistance. These platings are designed to retain lubricant which is used for sliding and bearing types of applications.

Chrome plating is the solution for resisting wear and corrosion along with its tribological (low friction) characteristics.

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