The History of Chrome Plating


By now you will be fully aware of what chrome plating is, but what is its history? Where did it originate from? Read on to find out!

The history of chrome plating dates back to the Qin dynasty in China. Which is a staggering 2,000 years before it was identified in the West! It is believed that the weapons were chrome plated to avoid corrosion. Which meant that even two millennia later, the blades were untarnished. However, this appears to still be a matter of debate.

The origins in the west appear to be in 1920. As this is the year George Sargent published a paper about the chromium work he has been doing. This paper came to the attention of Fink and Eldridge, who developed the method into a commercial process in 1924. The process became hugely popular in the Art Deco era and beyond.

By 1926, “chromium plated” were words that had became synonymous with pleasing, bright, non-tarnishing finish. Something that was greatly durable. The process of chrome plating may have developed and become more modern but it is still linked to this words.