What You Need to Know about Hard Chrome Plating

What is hard chrome plating?

Hard chrome plating is an electrolytic process in which chromium is deposited onto a metal substrate to give it enhancing properties for durability, wear and hardness. The electrolytic process will typically be achieved by passing an electric current through a chromic acid solution – an electrolyte bath, between two electrodes. One of these electrodes will act as the substrate which is to be plated.

What is it used for?

This treatment is effective for a variety of metals and alloys including brass, copper and steel – these are the most common that are used in modern technical applications. Its most common use is in situations where the component needs to be resistant to corrosions such as hydraulic piston rods, motorcycle forks, and gear shafts used in the automotive sector.


  • Hardness
  • Excellent wear
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Low friction

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